Themed Wedding: Mardi Gras

orange county wedding event planner mardi gras wedding

While themed weddings can be a great way to incorporate your unique personality into your affair, themes can also cause brides to get carried away. Take a cue from this Mardi Gras bride on how to successfully blend a fun theme with the elegance of a formal wedding.

orange county wedding event planner mardi gras wedding

Calm Colors

Rather than choosing overly saturated hues of purple, gold and green, this bride chose a pallet of black, orchid, and dusty gold. For your themed wedding, don’t feel stuck by the typical hues associated with your theme. Take inspiration from your theme, but ensure that the colors of your wedding are still classic and elegant. 

orange county wedding event planner mardi gras wedding

Masquerade Masks

A great way to incorporate a theme without going too far is in your party favors. This bride used masks as a luxurious focal point of her wedding and as a take home gift for her guests. Ornamental masks for the bridal party also allowed the bride to tie in the theme gracefully, without turning the wedding into an all-out costumed affair. Other themes are sure to come with an appropriate give away like a small sailboat for nautical themed wedding, or an ornament for a Christmas affair.

orange county wedding event planner mardi gras wedding

Cajun Cooking

The menu for your big day can be another way to subtly incorporate a theme. For this bride, she added a spicy Cajun themed cocktail to allude to the infamous New Orleans flavors. Even if your event is set up with strict catering guidelines, see if you can make a signature cocktail with your bar tender to incorporate your theme like this bride or add in a dessert choice like macaroons for a Parisian themed event. 

orange county wedding event planner mardi gras wedding

Simple Touches

Instead of creating lavish displays that scream your theme, try adding in small details that class up your venue space. This bride used touches of feathers, intricate script, and fleur de lis to tie in the French origins of Mardi Gras. Even the antique black lace on her tables and dress tie in some of the glorious New Orleans architecture. Remember that sometimes less is more for a theme.

If you are planning to incorporate a theme into your big day, keep these tips and tricks in mind. Pulling out small details and adding elegant finishes to them can mean the difference between a nautical fantasy and a overly done boat ride. Keep things classy and elegant for your wedding.

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