Five Fabulous Favors

Let’s be honest, monogrammed keepsakes seem like a great idea at the time you are picking out wedding favors, but a week or so after your wedding, who really wants a key chain with you anniversary stamped on it. Consider some of these favors to keep costs down and really share a gift that your guests will be happy to be going home with.

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Sweet Treats

When it comes to wedding favors, what can be better than food. You can certainly include a personalized wedding date sticker to tie it into your wedding, but then guests aren’t obligated to keep it for all time. Plus there are a million options for how to deliver these sweet treats. Having a candy bar for your wedding? Set out bags so guests can make their own goodies to go. Rustic wedding in store? How about a little s’mores to-go set. Even grandma’s famous jam can be a nice way to incorporate your family and a deliciously useful favor into one. Local delicacies like salt water taffy can be an especially fun treat for those out of town guests.

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Homemade for the Household

Having DIY favors gives you a fun wedding project and can keep expenses super low – especially when you think of all the personalized customization that you can add yourself. Consider gifting favors that could actually be useful around the house like bath salts or even soap.  Bath salts can be bought in bulk and divided into cute mason jars with a custom label, or you could personalize your soap by choosing a scent reminiscent of your wedding cake. You can even make your own lip balm for your guests.

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Double Trouble

How about having a take home favor that doubles as a helpful day of gift. Having an outdoor summer wedding, why not purchase a pair of sunglasses for your guest that they can take home with them. Dancing all night? You can buy flip flops in a variety of colors and sizes so your guests have a break from those killer high heels and a fun pair of shoes to take home. 

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Keeping with the Theme

If your wedding has a really distinctive theme, try tying in the theme to the wedding favor. This way you give a gift that is sure to remind your guests of the fun wedding day, but it isn’t quite such an obnoxious reminder that you got married. For a vintage wedding, you can hand out single use flashback cameras that look like they stepped out of the 1930s. If you are using books in your décor, how about a nice journal as a take home? You can even use the journals to add a pop of color to your table settings. For an outdoorsy country wedding, bottle up some sweet tea or lemonade for guests.

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Gifting Green

Last but not least, what about giving your guests a little garden gift that they can add to their own homes. Succulents can double as décor for your wedding tables as well as a favor. You could even add guests’ names and use them as a cutesy name card. This favor also has the added benefit of being eco-friendly for those environmentally conscious guests.